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Beginners/basic obedience - september 25 @ 6:00 pm & october 7 @ 6:00 pm

12 weeks & up

No pre-requisites
4 weeks, $84.80

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog and your family.   Effective communication is necessary to teach your dog about what you want him/her to do.  In our Basic class, you will learn to be a fair, consistent leader, and basic commands such as attention to you, sit, down, come, stay, controlled walking, door manners and leave it.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley



3-6 months old

No pre-requisites
4 weeks, $84.80

This class will expose puppies to new and enjoyable experiences using positive methods.  Introduction to sit, down, wait, come, walking on a leash, on/off switch, name recognition ("watch") and door manners will be covered in this class.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley


intermediate obedience - october 7 @ 7:00 p.m.

Pre-requisites-  Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walking on a Leash without pulling.
4 weeks, $74.20

The focus in this class will be perfecting all of your Basic commands and adding new exercises such as: Stand, Exams, Heeling, Comes/Waiting, Backing Up, Moving Down, Fronts & Finishes, minor distractions, Hand Signals, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) skills and some Games! This class agenda changes each 4-week session.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley


Novice - october 7 @ 8:00 pm

Prerequisites - a good understanding of Heeling, Figure 8, Recalls & Stays

4 weeks, $74.20

For those interested showing in Obedience Competitions.  This class reviews Heeling, Figure 8, Stand, Recalls, and Stays.  Concentration is on avoiding substantial deductions and keeping your dog's interest.  This is an ongoing class.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley


"mixed" level - not being offered right now

Prerequisites - none

 4 weeks, $74.20

This class is for Basic or Intermediate dogs! The class content will be dependent on your dog’s ability. Upbeat and FUN challenges for some or simple for others! Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley


INTRO HEELING & ATTENTION - not being offered right now

4 weeks $74.20

This beginning class teaches the mechanics of Heeling and fundamentals of Attention.  Heel position, rhythm, footwork for the turns and changes of pace, backing up, getting in, close, up sit, and attention are covered


Intro to OPEN - not being offered right now

Prerequisites - a solid sit, down, come, stay/wait

4 weeks, $74.20

This class teaches the beginning fundamentals of Stand, Drop on Recall, Retrieve, and Jumping.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley

OPEN - september 25 @ 8:00 pm (combined with utility)

Prerequisites - Intro to Open class

4 weeks, $74.20

The goal of this class is to combine the foundation skills of Command Discrimination, Drop on Recall, Retrieve on Flat, Retrieve Over High Jump, Broad Jump, Stand Stay-Get Your Leash, into sequencing the exercises. This is a progressive class.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley

utility - september 25 @ 8:00 pm (combined with open)

Prerequisites - A solid base obedience and understanding of a retrieve and jumping

4 weeks, $74.20

This class will teach foundation skills needed for the Utility exercises. These skills include: Signals, Scent Discrimination, Directed Retrieve, Moving Stand/Exam, and Directed Jumping. This is a progressive class.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley

“focus” with proofing - september 25 @ 7:00 pm

Prerequisites - Basic Obedience

4 weeks, $74.20

This class will help your dog’s understand of an exercise and help with confidence. Proofing your dog’s correct response around distractions, training him to focus on you and ignore what is going on around him. Distraction training is FUN!! Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley


focus attention - not being offered right now

4 weeks, $74.20

Foundation class to any kind of venue you choose to do with your dog.  This is an instructional class with the use of interactive play and the understanding of what "drives" your dog.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley


canine good citizen Skills - not being offered right now

4 weeks, $74.20

A class to prepare dogs and handlers to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  Class focus will be on all 10 items of the Canine Good Citizen - accepts friendly stranger, sits politely for petting, appearance and grooming, out for a walk, walking through a crowd, sit, down, stay in place, coming when called, reaction to another dog, reaction to distractions, supervised separation.  Details can be found at  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley

OBEDIENCE FOR AGILITY - not being offered right now

4 weeks, $74.20

This class addresses developing more focus and skills for Agility.  Content of class will help develop more reliable stays, comes and attention skills.  Instructor is Marilyn Donlon Gormley

JUST FOR FUN AGILITY - not being offered right now

Prerequisites - none, but no aggressive dogs allowed. If you want your dog to get some exercise and have some fun at the same time, this class is for you! We’ll introduce some of the agility equipment adding fun and learn some challenging games to help your dog with confidence and boredom! Instructor: Marilyn Donlon Gormley

Duration: 4 Weeks ~ Fee: $74.20


Private Lessons with Marilyn donlon gormley

Individual attention for you and your dog can be scheduled.  This is ideal for problem solving and specialized attention.


trick training - not being offered right now

Do you like tricks? Well this is the class for you!! Come learn tricks like beg, spin, back up, crawl and many more. Great for the start of an agility career or to just have fun things to show off to your friends ... all while building a relationship with your dog.  Taught by Jeni Mattingly who is a big trick trainer! She has tons of tricks on her 3 dogs and enjoys breaking the tricks down into easy, teachable pieces.  5 weeks $74.20


intro to Rally - not being offered right now

Prerequisites - Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walking on a leash

4 weeks, $74.20

Come introduce your dog to Rally! This class will introduce the handler/dog teams to the fun sport of Rally. You move at your own pace, thru a series of signs while performing basic maneuvers. Signs and rules will be covered. All exercises are performed on leash. Instructor: Marilyn Gormley

novice Rally - october 3 @ 6:00 pm

Prerequisites - Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walking on a leash

4 weeks, $68.90

This is the first level for those just getting started in Rally. All exercises are performed with the dog on leash. Students will learn and perform the Novice signs that may be seen in competition. A course is required to have 10-15 stations and no more than 5 stationary exercises. You will learn to read course maps and the fine points of the Rally game! Rally is a fun way to introduce dogs and owners to teamwork and competition! Instructor: Theresa Stilger

Beginner scentWork - TUESDAYS 10:00 AM

4 weeks, $68.90

For dogs new to Scentwork.  Introducing search patterns, search drive, food vs. toy reward. Instructor: Terry McGauley

upper level scentWork -

This class will get you ready to start trialing in the different Scentwork venues.  All odors, continuing review of foundation, Novice to Excellent hides interior and exterior

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