Owners, Christina and Brian Wakefield, have a combined 30+ years of teaching experience. In the last 3 years, their students have finished nearly150 Championships in 5 venues in 2 sports. The Wakefields and many of their students regularly qualify for and attend nearly all of the National Championships offered by the different venues.

Christina Wakefield's started teaching in 1998 and her specialty is teaching Dog Agility classes of all levels. She's taught a vast variety of breeds from chihuahua's to great danes to mixes of all kinds. Her goal is to combine an informative and structured class, that's a lot of fun for both dog and handler.   Christina has competed at the National level in AKC, USDAA, and TDAA. Christina put an ADCH on her border collie Ticket, a TACH on her rat terrier Oreo, a TACH and TACH2 on Brian's border collie Tess, and several TACH's, MACH, PACH, and 2 TNAC's (Teacup National Agility Champion - winning TDAA Nationals 2 years in a row) on her boston terrier, Stitch.  Stitch also won High in Trial at the TDAA Nationals in 2015.  In 2016, Christina and Stitch were the #1 ranked boston terrier performance team in AKC and earned the right to compete at the AKC Invitationals in Orlando, FL, where they completed 4 clear rounds and were fast enough to be able to run in Finals!  Christina is a TDAA agility judge (and judged the TDAA Nationals in 2018) and a Hide 'N Seek judge.  She does trial secretary work for AKC Herding, CPE Agility, Barn Hunt, and Hide 'N Seek.  Christina has also competed in AKC, ASCA and AHBA Herding (her border collie, Ticket has points toward a Herding Championship and won many High in Trial and Reserve High in Trial), competitive obedience in AKC and ASCA, Rally in AKC, conformation in ASCA, Hide ‘n Seek and Barn Hunt.



Brian Wakefield's specialty is teaching Barn Hunt, Dog Agility, Pet Obedience, and Tricks classes. He loves helping both the human and dog side come together as a team.  Brian has put a MACH on his border collie Blade and narrowly missed running in Finals at the 2017 AKC Nationals.  His first border collie Bayle was in the Top 10 Performance dogs in USDAA for several years.  Brian has competed at the National level in AKC, USDAA, and TDAA.  Brian and Christina's border collie Ace has earned a RATCHX2 and their Crazy 8’s Bronze title. Brian and his border collie, Blade, have earned a RATCHX13 and their Crazy 8’s Platinum Gold title.  Brian is starting his new border collie, Edge, in Barn Hunt and is already working on their RATCH and has a Crazy 8’s Gold title. Brian and has also competed in AKC herding and earned a Reserve High in Trial on his border collie, Tess.


Marilyn Gormley started in the dog world in the mid 1970's when she acquired her first Golden Retriever from a Flea Market in Southern California.   Her landlord said the puppy had to be well controlled, so she signed up for an obedience class and got hooked!  Marilyn has put 5 Obedience Trial Champion titles on her dogs.  Her dog's have been in National rankings, won 5 National Obedience Tournaments, 200 scores, and many High in Trials and High Combined's.  She has always enjoyed the relationship and bond that develops with obedience training and thrived on the "detailed" training.  She felt privileged to be at the end of her dog's leash.  Marilyn is currently involved with Pet Therapy, AKC Hunt Tests and is an AKC Obedience Judge of all classes.  Marilyn has been teaching Obedience since the late 1980's.  She was one of the co-owners of SuperDog Sports Center in Simpsonville.  She considers herself a positive, balanced, trainer with good common sense.


Ann Embry started training in 2007 after adopting a “problem” dog.  Henry led Ann through many tough lessons.  Ann learned very quickly that she didn’t have the tools to handle Henry’s behavior issues and that training for her and this dog was the only option.  She committed then to learn as much as possible to make life better for herself and her dogs.  After catching the “Agility Bug” with Henry in 2008 the family soon grew with Trooper.  Trooper is Ann’s son’s dog, so the training led to mentoring too.  The teams found Christina in 2010 and have trained with her since.  Henry earned titles in Agility and Rally before being retired due to medical issues at the age of 4.  Next came Chexha in 2010.  Adopted at the age of 2 Chexha brought a whole new set of challenges. She was very timid and withdrawn. But persistence pays.  In 2018, Trooper was  #4, and Chexha was the #5 preferred American Eskimos in AKC Agility.  In 2019 Trooper was #1 and Chexha was #2 12” preferred American Eskimo as ranked by Breed Power Magazine.  Both Trooper and Chexha have earned the AKC MACH title, and Chexha has earned the TeaCup TACH4.  Unafraid of facing the challenges of the atypical breed or dog in Agility Ann now trains and trials three more adopted/rescued dogs.  She believes every dog deserves the best we can give them and trains with only positive, patient methods


Our building is located in Brooks, KY - just outside of Louisville, off of I-65.  We have the best astroturf flooring we could find. We are focused on fun, as well as safety for the dog and human side of the team.