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******* "Drop-In" for any Obedience class taught by Marilyn Gormley, $20.00 per drop-in*******

*******Just For Puppies Class only - You may repeat this class for $50.00*******
*******Basic Obedience Class only - You may repeat this class for $50.00*******


Beginners/basic obedience - February 12 at 5:30 p.m.

12 weeks and up
No pre-requisites
4 weeks, $70.00

Obedience training is one of the best things you can do for your dog and your family.   Effective communication is necessary to teach your dog about what you want him/her to do.  In our Basic class, you will learn to be a fair, consistent leader, and basic commands such as attention to you, sit, down, come, stay, controlled walking, door manners and leave it.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


Just For Puppies - february 12 at 4:00 p.m.

3-6 months old

No pre-requisites
4 weeks, $70.00

This class will expose puppies to new and enjoyable experiences using positive methods.  Introduction to sit, down, wait, come, walking on a leash, on/off switch, name recognition ("watch") and door manners will be covered in this class.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


intermediate i obedience - 

Pre-requisites-  Sit, Down, Come, Stay, Walking on a Leash without pulling.
4 weeks, $65.00

In this class the focus will be perfecting your basic commands along with the addition of stand, stay exams, random sit & downs, heeling, place, motivational comes, by me, watch me and more!  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


intermediate II obedience

Prerequisites-  a solid obedience base
4 weeks,  $65.00

This class addresses developing more focus and skills which will further enhance the relationship between dog and handler.  The dog's response to commands will become more consistent and reliable thru the use of moderate distractions/proofing techniques.
New behaviors taught will be backing, figure 8, hindquarters body awareness, group stays, hand signals, close, supervised separation, drop on recall, and more!  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


bEGINNER Novice/Novice - february 12 - 6:45 p.m.

Prerequisites - a solid basic fountation

4 weeks, $65

For those interested showing in Obedience Competitions.  This class offers the mechanics of Footwork with your Heeling and Figure 8.  It teaches Stand, Fronts & Finishes, and Sit/Stand exams.  It reviews Comes and Stays. Concentration is on keeping your dog happy and interested in you!  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


"mixed" level - february 12 - 7:45 P.M.

4 weeks, $65

It doesn't matter the level of training your dog needs to participate in this class.  Your dog could be a Beginner/Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced dog, all  are welcome!  The class is structured for your level.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley



4 weeks, $65

This class will utilize different kinds of distractions to help your dog stay focused with you.  Teaching your dog to be a problem solver will help strengthen his confidence and concentration. Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


focus attention

4 weeks, $65

Foundation class to any kind of venue you choose to do with your dog.  This is an instructional class with the use of interactive play and the understanding of what "drives" your dog.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


fronts & finishes

4 weeks, $65

This class will teach a solid foundation for these two important exercises for the competition team.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


canine good citizen Skills

4 weeks, $65

A class to prepare dogs and handlers to take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  Class focus will be on all 10 items of the Canine Good Citizen - accepts friendly stranger, sits politely for petting, appearance and grooming, out for a walk, walking through a crowd, sit, down, stay in place, coming when called, reaction to another dog, reaction to distractions, supervised separation.  Details can be found at  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


pet therapy

4 weeks, $65

This class will help participants interested in getting involved with Pet Therapy.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


Heeling Class

4 weeks, $65

This beginning class offers the mechanics of heeling for those teams wanting to compete in Obedience.  Heel position, rhythm, footwork, backing, close, in, off, and more will be covered.  Instructor is Marilyn Gormley


Private Lessons with marilyn

Individual attention for you and your dog can be scheduled.  This is ideal for problem solving and specialized attention.


trick training

Do you like tricks? Well this is the class for you!! Come learn tricks like beg, spin, back up, crawl and many more. Great for the start of an agility career or to just have fun things to show off to your friends ... all while building a relationship with your dog.  Taught by Jeni Mattingly who is a big trick trainer! She has tons of tricks on her 3 dogs and enjoys breaking the tricks down into easy, teachable pieces.  5 weeks $65


sports puppy (not just for puppies)

This class will cover play, motivation, and focus games, shaping and body awareness games, obstacle foundation games and handling foundation games. 4 weeks $65. Instructor is Stacey Breckel


Novice Rally

 come introduce your dog to Rally! We will be learning the Rally Novice signs and do some short sequences. This class is appropriate for dogs 10 months and older. $65 for 4 weeks. Taught by Pam Lukenbill


Rally Drop-In Class

All are welcome to attend!! Rally Coursework drop-in class - Drop-ins are open to anyone who's dog needs the opportunity to work full length rally courses. $10 per dog. Held by Stacey Breckel.


recalls and building the value for come!

Do you have a dog who you are constantly having to ask to come, or who ignores you and comes when and if they feel like it? This class is for you!! We will be using fun, motivational games to create a strong recall through building value for the handler, learning to ignore distractions and proofing. This class will have homework. Instructor is Stacey Breckel

Cost:  $65 for 4 weeks

Beginner scentWork

For dogs new to Scentwork.

Intermediate ScentWork

This class will improve your finding skills.

Advanced scentWork

This class will get you ready to start trialing in the different Scentwork venues

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